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What we can do for YOU!

Welcome to our services page. Here you can see what we offer and how we can service YOUR needs.

One of Street Clean LLC's sweepers.

What we do

Parking lots

The first thing a customer sees as they arrive at your business location is the parking lot...Trash and debris can create a huge eyesore for any potential customer lowering their overall experience. That's why we are dedicated to keeping your parking lots clean, inviting, and most of all profitable.

One of Street Clean LLC's sweepers.

HOA Communities

 You live in an HOA community? What's the first thing a family member, business colleague, or a special someone sees when they pull into your community? The street!... These streets are not maintained by the local municipality and can be a huge blemish on the face of your community if not swept and kept clean. That's where we come to help. We are dedicated to keeping your streets looking clean, curb appeal up, and inviting for that special someone...


Are you having issues with the EPA? If so, we can help. According to the SWPPP, a street sweeper is the number one choice for street track out on construction sites. The constant back and forth of trucks, equipment, and passenger vehicles from dirt to road can really affect your project. Good thing Street Clean is here to help! We'll take care of your street track out keeping the debris where it should be and fines out of your pocket.


Jake, the owner of Street Clean LLC, is proudly born and raised in Las Vegas, and has a passion for keeping it clean. He saw a need for street cleaning in his community and felt compelled to help. Jake is committed to providing clients with the highest quality of service and integrity to get your street/parking lot/construction site looking clean and presentable.



Jake Judd

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